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Hi, welcome to the Hauler Inc testing family

Use Hauler to help pack, unpack, assemble, disassemble, and deliver almost anything. Simply post pick-up/drop-off locations, a picture, and a brief description of what you need help with and a someone will come help you. You will get an instant estimate and then post the work. You will be able to track your belongings in real time. You can contact each other if either of you have any questions. Hauler is useful for: Move in/out Dorms, Fraternities or Sororities Craigslist Purchases or Sales Move in or out of storage Large retailers such as Wal-Mart, Costco, or Lowes that don’t deliver or good luck renting a truck for a couple of hours Garage ales or donate to goodwill Nurseries or Garden Centers Nursing Homes Mattress Delivery Almost anything you need to be delivered from A to B About Hauler Workers: Haulers are subjected to a thorough background check that includes driving history, federal criminal and county criminal check. Haulers are rated as well as the movers, so you can move items with confidence. Haulers are also backed by a million-dollar insurance policy, so you know your valuables are safe. Hauler is only available in the Denver Metro Area, Las Vegas, Portland, Boise, & Idaho Falls

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